Skims: Satin Stretch Review

When I saw this collection I just knew I had to have it. The stretch satin material looked absolutely gorgeous and very luxurious. The colors were beautiful and I knew instantly that I would be stalking the website once they dropped.

I originally wanted the Smokey Quartz but was unable to get my hands on it because the smaller sizes sold out almost instantly. Can I just say I hate that! Why do brands, especially big brands like Skims make so few products? I NEED ANSWERS! I was only 3 minutes late to the launch and was only able to grab the bodysuit in, Desert Clay. Again, I’m so annoyed that I wasn’t able to get my hands on more and even more annoyed that you have to wait so long for the Skims inventory to restock! Big brands please do better!

What you’ve really been waiting for! I loved the bodysuit. I will say initially I wasn’t impressed at all! The package wasn’t great at all especially for the price, you can see me unbox the bodysuit below. Once I put it on I fell in love! The quality, the fit, and the feel was perfect. I enjoyed the fact that the bodysuit isn’t a thong bottom and the fact that my double D’s actually had support; you will need pasties because the girls will poke through. I will say that this bodysuit does not feel as compressive as shape wear and I believe she said it wasn’t meant to be shape wear. Nonetheless, it did a great job at smoothing out my back rolls. Depending on how your standing or sitting there may be a few rolls, which I’m not mad at. I can’t be mad if my clothes show what’s there.

If I had to describe the bodysuit in two words I’d say silky and smooth. It definitely felt luxurious and I can’t wait to style it a few ways. The video below shows how I styled it, more photos and styling videos will be added in a part two to this post.

Skim’s Satin Stretch Bodysuit Review

The only negative thing I can say about the bodysuit is that it doesn’t snap between the legs. If you have a weak bladder that could be a problem. Please make sure you consider where you are going and what you will be doing before you wear this out. Do not get caught slipping Sis!

Let me know with a like or comment if you’d like me to review more of Skim’s inventory.

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  1. I salute you and love what you’re doing. Chase your dreams, make plans and go after your goals. Your passion for this is so visible, love the blog

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