Gift Guide for Naturals

If you’re natural like myself you probably have a ton of natural hair care products. Some of them worked and were amazing and others you used once and should have tossed but for whatever reason you’re still holding on to them. Whether you are newly natural or you’ve been in the game a while I have the perfect gift guide for naturals.

It’s important to know your hair type and what your hair can take. All the women in my immediate family are natural, but we all have different hair types and our hair does not react to the same products the same way. I know that my hair is thin and cannot take a lot of tension, particularly around my edges. I also have type 4c hair that craves hydration.

Now that I’ve stressed the importance of knowing your hair type here are some products that I recommend across the board:

  • Eco Style Gel (Olive Oil) – This is my holy grail product. I do not travel without this product and I keep back ups of it. I love this product for slicking down my hair and laying my edges. It’s not drying and pairs well with the correct products. One thing I do not use this product for is wash and go’s, it always flakes on me.
  • Pattern Beauty – I recommend this brand as a whole. My favorite products are the brush, spray bottle (amazing), conditioner, and hydration spray. This brand has products for different hair types and texture so they are bound to have something that works for you.
  • Jason’s Vitamin E Oil – I just love this stuff for my whole body. I use it as a moisturizer everywhere and it does not break my skin out. One thing about certain hair care products is that they may have a tendency to cause break outs, particularly on your forehead.
  • Urban Hydration – This brand is a newer brand to me, but nonetheless has products I love. The Honey Leave-On Detangling Spray is amazing. It makes it easier to detangle and leaves my hair feeling moisturized, it’s a must in my Pattern Beauty Spray Bottle. The Honey Laid and Slayed Pro Gel is another product that I’ve been loving. I do not use it as a gel to slick back my hair but I love it for wash and go’s, and finger coiling.
  • Cantu Shea Butter Maximum Hold Strengthening Gel – This gel holds the number two spot for me when it comes to creating a slick ponytail. I love that it doesn’t get rock hard, nor does it flake. This product will give you a nice smooth and moisturized ponytail.
  • White Rain – I’ve been using these products since my high school days. I love to add the Volumizing Mousse to my ponytails and I seal the deal with the Hair Spray.
  • Dove Amplifies Texture Leave-in Conditioner – This stuff is the truth. It has my dry hair feeling loved and looking juicy. I recommend this product to all naturals.

A gift basket would be the perfect holiday gift for the naturals in your life. I guarantee that they will love the majority of the products recommended.

Stay tuned for the next nine days of 12 Days of Blogmas.

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