Creating New Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions have always been big for me. I may not remember any of the gifts I received as a child but I do remember the family traditions and memories that were created.

Holidays, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas in a state where it’s hot most of the year can be hard. As a young girl I remember going up North and visiting my grandparents. The train around the tree every year is one of my favorite holiday memories.

This year I decided to create my own holiday traditions with my toddler. I decided on wreath decorating and though it would be something easy to do with her every year. She may not be able to talk put she does point and say a few numbers. I let her choose the ornaments, and flower colors. She was more excited about throwing the ornaments or as she calls them balls. As the years go on I pray we create some amazing memories.

Cheers to creating new traditions!

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