Self-care During the Holidays

Self-care during the holidays is particularly important as we often get lost trying to do for others. The most important thing that you can do for yourself and others is to show up and give 100%. In order to do that we sometimes have to dial back. For some that may look like a spa day, a day of no household chores, or simply being instead of doing.

Self-care can help alleviate stress and allow you to tackle everyday obstacles with more vigor. You will feel happier and be able to focus on task easier. As someone who has struggled coping with stress I can attest to the importance of self-care.

In the past I thought self-care meant painting, taking time to have a bubble bath, or just spending a few hours away from my little one. While those things are important and critical for peace, self-care is so much more.

I had to realize that self care was allowing myself to be vulnerable and feel free expressing my emotion. It took me going to therapy to feel comfortable doing so. I had to learn to practice self-compassion and did daily positive affirmations. I’ve used a guided journal for a few months now and have had to answer questions that really shouldn’t be that tough. One that really got me was, “What do you love about yourself? I encourage you to take the time to love on yourself and practice self-compassion and answer this question, “What do you love about yourself?”

2 thoughts on “Self-care During the Holidays

  1. “What do you love about yourself” is a great question. One that we rarely ever ask or answer. But it is one that promotes a kind attitude towards self and that is most important.

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