January Goals

It’s hard to believe that January is almost over! I’ve been crushing some of my financial goals but not doing so well with my personal goals. I wanted to blog weekly, but somehow I’m three weeks behind. I have been reading a lot more. I’ve actually completed a book that I loved, and I’m currently working on three that I’m enjoying!

As far as my financial goals I pleased to report that I’ve been crushing them. Now that I’ve started budgeting and keeping a better track of where my money is going I have no idea how I was surviving before. My approach with my debt was to never really look too hard at it or know the exact amount. I’ve always had a ball park figure but felt it would always be there so I wasn’t too concerned. Dave Ramsey’s program has helped me realize that wasn’t the best approach. I now know the exact dollar amount of my debt and most of it is student loan debt. The number is a little higher than I thought but I don’t feel anxious when I see it or think about it; I have a plan to tackle it and I’m executing.

Here are a few of my financial goals for this month:

  • Know the exact amount of my debt
  • Start cash envelope stuffing (I’m in love with this system!)
  • Create a few sinking funds
  • Pay $1,000 toward debt (I’ve currently paid $770)

The envelope stuffing has helped me out tremendously. If you’re disciplined with your money and how you spend it this system is probably not for you. I’ve always loved budgeting but have never executed my budget properly. With the envelope system I don’t have that problem. Every dollar is assigned a job and it’s been great. If you’ve been interested in trying this system I encourage you to!

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