Self-care: Journal, Reflect, and Balance

I truly believe to have a healthy and happy life you have to find balance. There is a way you can juggling, full time work, motherhood, being a wife, having a relationship with God, making time for rest and self-care, and enjoying life. When anxiety is creeping up on me it is often because balancing some of the things mentioned about is off. I’ve learned to take the time to rest and regroup.

I am currently going through The Weekly Self-care Project: A Challenge to Journal, Reflect, and Invite Balance. The weekly readings and journal prompts have been a blessing. I invite you to reflect on the importance of rest by reading these paragraphs from page 3.

Different words for rest are found more than 250 times in the Bible. In the Old Testament, we see Hebrew words nuach, which means “to rest or to be quiet,” and shabat, which means “to cease or to rest.” In the New Testament we find the Greek word anapausis, which means “cessation or refreshment.” These words give us a picture of how God wants us to understand rest. 

If we’re being honest, most of us don’t see much rest, quiet, cessation, or refreshment in our everyday lives. Even when you think you’re relaxing-watching TV, reading, or scrolling through social media or the news-you aren’t being refreshed. Most of us are always busy, living in a near constant state of stress and feeling overwhelmed. But that’s not the plan God has for you. He desires you to do His work, work that allows margin for refreshment in His peace and stability. He calls you to rest so you can be restored and strengthen. When you cease striving and stop clinging to the busyness of life, you open up space in your mind and heart that God will fill. And when your body and mine are restored and rested, He will fill you with his goodness, which gives you the strength, courage, and hope to continue doing the work He has called you to.

I hope you find time to rest, spent time with God and balance home and work life.

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