Baby Shower: Scarlet Olivia

I really wanted this post to be about how to plan a baby shower, but sadly this post will not be that. If anything it’s what not to do. Typically, someone else plans your baby shower but I had the pleasure, and I say that sarcastically of planning my own baby shower. I had the pleasure of arranging the location, sending out the invites, and coordinating (if you can call it that) everything. Initially I started out with a bang, I had my checklist completed I knew everything I wanted to do and when I wanted to have things done by, but life happens. Basically, I suck at planning and it didn’t help that I was states away from where the baby shower would actually be.

I had to travel for my baby shower so I made sure to arrive three days before the shower, which was on a Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday I pretty much did nothing other than spend time with my family. Friday my girlfriend, cousin,  sister, boyfriend, and I slowly began to get it together. We got balloons, party supplies, cups, plates, and supplies to make the cake. I was determined to make my own red velvet cake and cupcakes. For the baby shower the only thing I really knew I wanted was a red velvet cake, balloons, a lot of pink, and the babies name on the wall.

Needless to say Saturday rolls around and we’re not prepared at all. I wake up finish my cake clean up and my boyfriend and girlfriend go out to get food and more supplies. They take forever and at this point I’m getting aggravated because nothing is ready and it’s after 12 and the party starts at 3. I honeslty was a wench, I was snapping on everyone (I can only imagine what my wedding will be like). Thankfully they went out and got additional supplies because it brought everything together.

We ended up having a photo booth (more like a photo area), a set up for the cake and baby gifts, her name on the wall with the most beautiful paper flowers, and all the balloons I wanted. We also had an area for the kids to play, and a set up in the kitchen for all the food. The baby shower, though a headache exceeded my expectation and was everything I wanted it to be. I was honestly worried about not having enough supplies, but we had more than enough.

In the end everything was perfect! Although, ladies I have to say I totally recommend you let someone else plan your baby shower. If event planning and coordinating peoples schedule is your thing go for it.

Check out some pictures from the shower below!

Baby Shower Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do let the grandmothers play a role.
  • Do serve a meal, especially depending on the time of day and where people are traveling from.
  • Do invite the dad and his friends, and even kids.
  • Do collect everyone’s names and addresses to send thank you notes.
  • Do get involved. Allow the expecting mother to express to the planner all the items she wants to have.
  • Do entertain the guest, play games, have a photo booth, and have finger food and punch.
  • Do make a guest book. Have a little book where people can sign and write a message to the mother and/or baby.
  • Do request that people RSVP. Nothing is worse than being under prepared. You want to make sure all your guest have a place to sit and that there is enough food.
  • Do have a host. The host can greet everyone take their coats and purses, tell everyone where the presents need to go, and make sure all the food is prepared and ready to go.
  • Do not plan your own shower. Again ladies I repeat do not plan your own shower. Give someone you trust an idea of what you like by providing pictures, a theme, colors, and things you absolutely want to have.
  • Do not plan a surprise shower. Being pregnant is not a pleasant experience for all moms. Some may be sick the entire pregnancy, tired, or moody. So make sure the mom to be wants a shower and is okay with the day and time.
  • Do not send out baby shower invites at the last minute, make sure you give everyone enough time to make the necessary arrangements. Guest may need to plan out who is going to watch the kids or dog, or make travel arrangements weeks prior to the shower.
  • Do not just sit around. If the mom to be cannot make rounds and attend to the guest have the father, or host do that.
  • Do not ask the mom to be to open gifts if she feels uncomfortable doing so. Make sure you ask the mom to be if she would like to open the gifts. I do not think I have ever been as uncomfortable as I was opening the gifts. I felt like everyone was waiting to see how I reacted to their gift.
  • Do not skimp on food and cake. If people are traveling from states away or have a long commute be sure to feed them.
  • Do not plan your shower around friends and family. The baby shower is not about your friends or family. The ones that can make it will be there and the ones that can’t can send a gift. Don’t feel pressured to plan the shower around any individual other than the mom and dad to be.

I’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who showed up, sent a gift or their thoughts and prayers. It was truly a beautiful day!

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