Pregnancy Update

First Trimester

Monday’s are the hardest. Sometimes I feel like I’m battling depression, other days I feel like it’s the baby just getting the best of me. It’s really rough for me because I was expecting this to be a great experience. I’ve had migraines for the past seven or more years that I thought were related to my menstrual cycle. Now I’m not having my cycle but I still have the migraines, if anything they are more frequent. I really hate it because I’m always sick, I feel like no matter what I do nothing changes. There is no relief from these migraines. The worst thing about it is it seems like no one cares, nothing stops because I’m not feeling well. I just have to put on my big girl pants and suck it up. I’ve had to start journaling to keep my mind off how miserable I am. My brother asked me why I’m always sick the other day, and even my man has commented on me always being sick. It’s honestly one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in my life and I’m miserable I’m thinking about going to counseling.

Second Trimester

Now that I’m late in my second trimester I feel so much better. I’m ALIVE! I no longer am experiencing migranes and the constant need to vomit has passed. I no longer feel sick or want to slap every person around me that is having a good day. I didn’t end up going to counseling, but I do think the journaling really helped me. I’d say that journaling has been my saving grace, as well as reading other mommy blogs. I truly believe that I was depressed early in my pregnancy because of a lot of things, but mainly being away from my man, being sick, worrying about money, and taking time off work when I just started my job. One thing I’ve had to constantly tell myself is that everything is going to be okay. I have a lot of support from my man and our families. One thing I will say is don’t take those feelings of depression lightly. There is a stigma with the word depression, but don’t be afraid to admit that something is wrong and please don’t be afraid to seek help. We all fight our own demons and deal with some form of depression in our lives. You’d be amazed at the amount of people who can relate to what you are going through, and the amount of resources and peoople that are out there to help.

Third Trimester

Right about now I’m really beginning to feel pregnant and experience some of the symptoms that go along with pregnancy. I only have about a month and a half to go and I’m feeling it. I took a weekend trip to the beach and did a lot of walking and not enough drinking and it caused my hands and feet to swell. My hands were tingling and so swollen that it hurt to hold a pen. I couldn’t feel my feet and literally felt like I was walking on ankles. To reduce the swelling I put my feet up and made sure I relaxed and drank a lot of water. Thankfully I haven’t had that problem again. In the grand scheme of things I’m doing really well. Other than being in a constant state of anxiety. I’m just having doubts about my capabilities as a mother, the birthing process, and I’m worrying about taking time off work, money, being able to spend time with my baby, breastfeeding, putting my baby in daycare, and my man having enough time to spend with us.

We currently have 27 days to go and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I can’t wait to see her beautiful face and see how proud her dad is. I’m nervous and absolutely terrified about the birthing process, but I thank God for the support system I have. Thankfully I haven’t had too many issues and the feet swelling is a rare occurrence and for the most part I feel pretty good. I have gotten to the point where some of her movements literally hurt and I just rub on her and talk to her and that helps, but I’m ready for baby girl to get evicted. The most painful, well more so annoying thing is the pressure I feel under my breast. I’m guessing I feel some part of her applying pressure there and it makes me out of breath and makes me not want to wear a bra, which unfortunately is not an option. All in all though baby girl and I are healthy and happy!

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Boohoo Maternity Lookbook

It’s been a battle for me during pregnancy to find clothes that are comfortable and actually grow with me. I purchased a few pair of jeans around month 4 that by month 7 I could no longer fit. I really have not wanted to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes and when I saw that Boohoo was having a 60% off sale I jumped on a few items. Check out a few looks I threw together featuring Boohoo Maternity Wear.

Look One

This Boohoo Maternity Top (Miracle in Progress Tee $8) is one of my favorite tees. Its comfortable and covers the baby bump. I’ve had a few tees where my stomach just hangs out the bottom and that’s not the look I’m trying to go for.

The pictures below I’m trying to show how the seam comes up the middle with these leggings, verse the ones that have a built in over the bump cover with the seam stopping lower.

These leggings are by far my favorite, they came in a pack of two with a gray pair for about $11.20. What I love about these is that they don’t have the over bump look like a lot of maternity leggings. I finished the outfit off with Steve Madden Puff Tennis Shoes $20, a BEBE Mini Bag $20, and my thrifted American Eagle Jean Jacket $15.

Look Two

For me pregnancy has been all about me feeling comfortable. This look is very relaxed and I love it. I paired my Chico’s Hello I’m Fabulous Tee $5, with the gray leggings that came in a two pack with the black leggings featured above.

I paired the look with Satin Baby Blue Converse $30, my American Eagle Jean Jacket, and my pink BEBE bag.

For another option I paired the outfit with the American Eagle Jacket, Steve Madden Shoes, and a black Jones New York mini bag $20.

Look Three

For this look I have a comfy Boohoo Tank $4, paired with Boohoo Maternity Leggings, and Steve Madden Platform Shoes $25. These Leggings come in a three pack for $12.80. I’m not as crazy about these leggings because they have the baby bump waist. They are comfortable but not as good as the gray and black pair featured above. To finish this outfit off I paired it with my Fashion Nova Jean Jacket $60, and a Tan Universal Thread Mini Bag $14.

Look Four

The Boohoo Leggings featured below are like the ones above, except they are a 3/4 legging. These have the baby bump seam (featured below) instead of the seam that comes up the middle of the leggings. These leggings also come in a pack of multiples for $9.60.

I paired them with a Boohoo Maternity Tank $4, an American Eagle Jean Jacket, Wild Fable Tennis Shoes $30, and gray sock.


I purchased a few sleep wear items that I thought were absolutely adorable. The first is a Boohoo Mama Bear Night Shirt $9, and a Mama Bear Night Set $12. Both of these items were affordable and extremely comfortable. Side note: These two items have a special place in my heart because I’ve called my man Bear since day one. If we were having a son his name was going to be Jessie Bear.

Boohoo Date Night Outfits

Look One: For this look I paired some Boohoo Maternity Leggings ($6) with an ASOS Maternity Cami ($20), and a pink Liz Claiborne Blazer (thrifted $7). I finished the look off with Steve Madden Clearer Heels ($49.99).

Look Two: For this look I used the same leggings and cami top from Look 1 and just paired it with a H&M blazer ($49.99), and Vincent Camuto Animal Print bootie ($50).

Look Three: For this look we again have the same cami paired with Boohoo 3/4 Leggings ($4). I finished the look off with a red XOXO Blazer ($5), Steve Madden Clearer Heels, and a Luana Italy purse ($375).

Look Four: This Look is probably my favorite and the one Bae will see on Valentines ♥️ Day. I have the same cami, 3/4 legging, and Steve Madden Heels. What makes this look really on trend is the thrifted Animal Print Newport News Styleworks Jacket. I love this jacket! It’s very on trend and was thrifted for only a dollar.

Look Five: For this look we let the the shoes do all the talking. For as long as I can remember I have had a thing for loud flashy shoes. These Steve Madden Crystal Booties ($89.99) are absolutely gorgeous. They are a little high, if your date is going to involve a lot of walking I’d recommend switching out the booties for a more sensible shoe. The same cami, 3/4 leggings, and H&M blazer are used for this look.

Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy Maternity looks featuring Boohoo. Overall I’d have to give the company 8 stars out of ten. Point are deducted for shipping speed and the quality of a few items.