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“Farming is a profession of hope.”

-Brian Brett

Farming is a Passion

By the time I was 12 my dad had worked at his job as an operating room technician for 30 years. He eventually retired after 45 years. During that time I never once saw him call in sick, or complain about having to work. He also somehow had the energy to always attend to the farm. He often would be in the fields working with us until sunset to turn around and be up before sunrise.

Farming much like caring for a family is a full time position that requires great sacrifices with little too no monetary return. Farming for a living is something one must be passionate about in order to pursue it full time. Through my blog ( I hope to encourage families and individuals to enjoy some farm therapy; through different planting techniques, livestock advise, and all around farming advice.


“Think about how far you have come today, and how much further you will go tomorrow. You have just to move forward. Each and every step you take must move you toward your goal.”

-Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha

Taking the Leap of Faith

For years I have wanted to do makeup professionally or as a side hustle. I planned on completing cosmetology school while completing my Masters. Somehow, here it is 2018 (I started graduate school in 2014) and I have yet to do anything with my interest in makeup.

I’ve wanted to open a thrift store or a home for battered women. I’ve wanted to change careers and become a beautician. In addition to those dreams I’ve wanted to be a blogger since my undergraduate days. Here it is almost a decade later and I have yet to move that interest out of my head and onto paper.

Sometimes instead of just telling people (including family and friends) about your dreams you have to show them. Here’s to taking that leap of faith and encouraging others along the way.

Pray about it and put it into ACTION!


“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

–Coco Chanel

Fashion Tips & Tricks

  • To remove odor from clothes try spritzing them with vinegar.
  • Organize clothes from light to dark to help you stay organized. This will also shorten the time it takes to choose an outfit.

Who said vintage pins were out? Find ways to jazz up an outfit with vintage pins. They’re easy to find at thrift stores and flea markets.

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