Pursue Your Passion

I have often said that just living life is the most humbling experience. Many of us have these grand plans of how we want things to be and what it’s going to feel like when we get out in a “professional” work environment. But when it finally happens, it’s nothing like what we thought it would be. The hours are grueling and the pay is mediocre. What I encourage you to do is to not give up on your job, but make sure you are doing something you are passionate about. If that means you have to job hop, do that. As one supervisor told me, “You’re replaceable.”

I also encourage you to pursue your passion outside of work. A program director I worked with put it this way, “What you do outside of work has a lot to do with how you feel when you walk through that door.” That means that you have to be going home and doing more than just sitting on the couch, eating, sleeping and then repeating every day.


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