Self-care: Journal, Reflect, and Balance

I truly believe to have a healthy and happy life you have to find balance. There is a way you can juggling, full time work, motherhood, being a wife, having a relationship with God, making time for rest and self-care, and enjoying life. When anxiety is creeping up on me it is often because balancingContinue reading “Self-care: Journal, Reflect, and Balance”

Coping with Stress

I read a quote recently that said, “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” This is true in so many ways. Many of us do not know how to effectively cope with stress; I know I’m in that boat. Some of the negative ways we cope with stress is throughContinue reading “Coping with Stress”

No one is coming!

I have been working on my blog for three years now and the one thing I have struggle with is consistency. Over 20 post are saved in my draft. The content below has been in the draft for the past year because I’ve struggled with knowing when I’m sharing too much. I have been strugglingContinue reading “No one is coming!”

Diseases of Despair

So many of us are struggling and suffering. Even before the Pandemic many of us were struggling. I recently read a report that said drug and alcohol misuse were up and so were suicides and suicidal behavior. Researchers call these conditions “diseases of despair.” The interesting thing to note with these diseases is that theyContinue reading “Diseases of Despair”